You never really know what you are capable of until you’ve lost everything that there is to lose. I exhale a cloud of smoke, believing for a moment that it will take away all the pain as it exits. I inhale another and it coats me with a taint of transient numbness. I can feel […]

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Suffering isn’t all that bad.

The poor suffer because of their poverty. The rich suffer because of their riches. The ones without a family suffer because of the lack of one. The ones with a family suffer because of them. The singles suffer without someone to call theirs. The ones with someone to call theirs, suffer because of them. The […]

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Life in the eyes of a rodent

Meet Squirrel no.1. I met him only last afternoon while lazing around on my terrace, pen in mouth, staring into nothing in particular and waiting for inspiration to hit. My paraphernalia lay abandoned as the tiny guy caught my eye and I decided to pursue him. Careful as to not scare him off, I stood […]

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Not so happy endings

She checked her phone for what seemed like the hundredth time in the last five minutes, desperately awaiting a text from him. She enabled the last seen option on her WhatsApp to check when he’d checked in last. 23d December, 2015 it read. And she quickly disabled the last seen option, lest he find out […]

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If there’s a  pain you haven’t felt in this world, this might not be it. At some hour of this life , we’re bound to be hit- not by penury, not by disease. Nor by calamity, yet more devastating than any of these. Jack, don’t be surprised if one day you wake up and find, That […]

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You drew a pretty picture of me in lead. You drew me without the crook in my teeth, and the dent in my head. And now, I have to hide. But, if you mouth all the little things I say, will you finally hear me? The crimson spreading on my cheeks when you’joke’ about my […]


How I gave up the good old book

Disasters are as old as human history, but the increase in their number and magnitude today is alarming. Over the past decade, the number of natural and manmade disasters put together has climbed inexorably. Most often than not, a disaster is associated with loss- human and capital, mostly tangible. The loss of knowledge in the […]

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